Quilt Preparation

XPreparing a quilt for longarm quilting is different than for quilting on a domestic machine.These aresome things that I have foundhelpful to know.Thebacking should be at least 4 inches larger than the top on all sides and it should be "squared up"--by that I mean there should be a straight edge on all four sides and not have a wonky parallelogram thing going on--this sometimes happenswith the wide backings whenit is torn off the bolt. Be sure to get at least 1/4 yard more if tearing off the bolt to be able to square it up.
To create a nice smooth back with a pieced backing use a 1/2 inch seam allowance and press the seam open remembering to cut off the selvage edge out of the seam as that might wash different than the rest of the fabric.

No pins or basting tacks are needed for the process. Please have the quilt top and back as two separate pieces.

To ensure that no seams come apart on the outer edge of the quilt top, it is nice to have a row of stay stitching about 3/8 inch from the edge, this is especially helpful if there is no border.

Having a work order sheet filled out will help both of us know what is decided for your quilt top.

Last of all--if you have any questions please ask, as communication is vitally important that we see the same thing for your quilt to be able to turn it into the work of art that it deserves.

Quilting Prices

   My machine is completely hand guided by me, there is    no computer involved.Free handing designs is my    specialty and I am game to trying most anything or to    learn something new if it will compliment your quilt.

   I have 13 years of quilting experience and a large    library of designs. So together we should be able to    come up with something to make your quilt top a    treasure to you for years to come. Be sure to check    the Gallery page and also the link to additional photos.

Prices for quilting are calculated according to the square inches of your quilt. To figure the total cost for quilting--take the width of the quilt times the length and multiply that total by your per inch price. Superior or Signature thread is included in the per inch price.

Allover Quilting - $0.0125/sq inch
Sometimes these are called "edge to edge" designs because they don't follow the block or border designs for the quilt. They just cover the entire quilt in a design that compliments the quilt. The minimum charge for this service is $35.00

Custom Quilting - $0.0225/sq inch
This would include stitch in the ditch (if required), separate border and block treatments and generally a more specific type quilting. The minimum charge for this service is $50.00.

The batting I carry on hand right now is Hobbs 80/20 that comes on a roll. I can also get any Quilter's Dream that you would want and hope to get some on hand soon.


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